Because Gregan needs to see more pics,

Today will be picture heavy. Here’s a few of my favorite pictures from the last month or so. Liam (aka Monkey Boy) and Grandpa Pace at the Pace Halloween Party. Liam has grown so much the last few months! He is now getting into everything, like dirt:Aidan decided to break out Kelsey’s EasyBake Oven packages and bake right on the floor. Liam thought it was tasty.Connor really enjoyed an all-day wrestling camp at the HS on Saturday:Another pic of Kelsey from the dance recital:We had fun picking apples at Grandpa Fietkau’s house:
And, just so I’m not left out, my fellow witches (Janie & GeNille) and I:
Happy Days!

3 thoughts on “Because Gregan needs to see more pics,

  1. Gregan says:

    Hey! love the pics. i always knew i had witches for sisters… aha! jk. but yeah… i think i have this figured out. it still took me a second to recognize liam in the picture. sweet! well, anyway… uhh… yeah. Now all i need to do is figure out how i can post pictures on the family blog. Make a weekly thing out of it. If i can. I don’t know if the library computers let me upload stuff or not… idk. I will have to wait until i have my camera back next week.

  2. Colleen says:

    I love Gregan’s comment about having witches for sisters! That made me laugh! Cute pics!

  3. Hey you! I hope you don’t mind that I have blog stalked my way to finding you. Actually it wasn’t really blog stalking. I saw a comment you left on Beau Dee’s blog, and I thought; their is only one Gennifer out there. So here I am. I have really liked seeing your blog and getting a little more info on your life and your family. Just so you know, when I turned 30 I cried myself to sleep. It really makes you reflect on life. BTW, just last night I was thinking that I liked the name Liam. I didn’t know that was your little guy’s name. He is getting so big!!!!

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