Pace Christmas Party

The annual Pace Christmas Party was this weekend, with a few Van Tassells thrown in for good measure. Grandmy was in charge, and it was kind-of nice not to have too much to do except show up, and bring my camera. Of course, I managed to forget it, so these pics were all taken by my sister, Ginger. (But, hey, I’m actually in a couple, which is a nice change!) Here’s the whole damn fam with Santa and Mrs. Claus:
We played a version of “Musical Chairs”, and while we took away chairs, no one was eliminated. We ended up with about 30 people sitting on 5 or 6 chairs. My siblings (minus Gregan, of course) and Santa and Mrs. Claus: because we decided that we don’t do those pictures nearly often enough. And, since I always give Steve crap about blinking in every photo, here’s one to prove that, sadly, I do it too. After the party, the Paces stayed to clean the church, since it was my parents’ week to do it. Convenient, huh? Then we headed to Mom’s to dip chocolates. Yum. It was about 1 AM by the time we finished cleaning up and headed home, but that is one of my favorite traditions, so I’m happy to do it! (But I’m not sharing.)

We were also up late on Friday night designing Ginger’s blog, you can check it out by clicking the link on my sidebar. I don’t think she’s posted anything yet, but the blog sure looks good, right?

All in all, a hectic, but fun weekend.

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