Dance, Dance, Acro…

The annual Christmas Dance Recital was this last Thursday, and we jumped from having only one performing to three! Plus, Shantell held Liam for most of the show, so Steve and I were free to take pics and video, and actually ENJOY it. What a concept!

Billie Jo was nice enough to let Aidan start as soon as she was potty trained, even though she isn’t turning three until the end of this month. You could tell she was behind all the other 3-year-olds, they were a beat or two after Billie Jo, and Aidan was a beat or two after them. She was adorable, though! Connor was the only boy in the whole show! He is taking acro classes, and has been the only one for a while. (Maybe some of the other parents will enroll their boys after this.) He really likes doing all of the tumbling, and I think it’s a great outlet for his massive boy-energy. Kelsey is just getting bigger and bigger. I look at some of the pictures I take of her, and it seems like I already have a tween on my hands. Sheesh. Here she is with her cousin Olivia (who is an insane dancer!): and dancing as a “Nutcracker”:As for Steve and I, things have been a little more normal in the last little while, which we are enjoying. A LOT. We’ve mostly finished up our shopping, after a crazy day on Saturday. We spent 45 minutes just waiting in line in one store. Crazy. Of course, I still haven’t gotten the Christmas cards mailed yet (hopefully today), need to make my neighbor gifts (hopefully tonight), and we never did get around to doing gingerbread houses this year. Our traditional Santa cookies are on hold, too, until I get my cookie cutters back (thankyouverymuchGerilee). We’ll shoot for tomorrow for those.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

One thought on “Dance, Dance, Acro…

  1. Glo says:

    But thanks for being my digital hero today! That was time well spent, right? You can have one of my Santa cookies on Christmas Eve if you want.

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