Top Ten Reasons I Am Horrible…

10. At the kids’ dance recital, we discovered half-way through Aidan’s performance that the tape was ending. No backup. (And no video of Connor or Kelsey.)

9. The blank tapes I bought a few days later to record Christmas morning turned out to be cassette tapes. Which we discovered ON Christmas morning. Did you even know they still made those?

8. When I got the camera out on Christmas morning to (at least) take regular pictures, the battery was dead. Yep, we have NO pictures at all on Christmas. How do I scrapbook that?

7. I stayed up until 1:00 AM on Monday baking the famous Santa cookies after I got my cookie cutters back. Steve threw them away today, still unfrosted.

6. We never did make our gingerbread houses this year.

5. I miscounted on our neighbor gifts, so the sweet little widow that lives on our street received no gift from us. She didn’t really want a 4-pack of Green Apple and Strawberry-Lime Jones Soda, right?

4. Somehow, Santa miscalculated, and Kelsey had one fewer present than the other kids. Seriously, he counted at least 6 times.

3. Steve got a cheesy photoshopped picture of his head on a bodybuilder’s body (so he knew he would be getting a pass to the rec center,) because I never got around to actually buying the pass.

2. One of Kelsey’s gifts is off-limits right now due to naughty behaviour. The fact that it is a craft that requires my supervision (and will likely make a huge mess) hasn’t in any way affected my reluctance to un-off-limit it. (Okay, I totally made that word up, but you knew what I meant.)

1. Today is the 27th, and Gregan still hasn’t been shopped for, let alone had a package mailed for Christmas. SERIOUSLY, the kid is hard to buy for!

Oh well, maybe next year I’ll be SuperMom.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons I Am Horrible…

  1. Colleen says:

    I love it, that’s hilarious. Ok, really sad about no video and no pics on Christmas, but… other than that. 🙂 BTW, we have a videocamera that still uses cassettes, so sorry. 🙂

  2. Billie Jo says:

    Doesn’t even hold a candle to some of the things I have done this past week. Thank heavens for a week of nothing. I don’teven plan on getting in the shower!

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