Seriously? One Year?

Today, Liam is one year old. I know, right? (Just for you, and you know who you are!) Liam was my first impatient baby, and was born 3 weeks and 1 day early. Thank heavens, since he was almost 8 lbs. (They estimate that babies gain a pound a week during the last month of pregnancy. We could have easily been looking at a 10 pounder!)

He made up for his early delivery by developing RSV when he was 5 weeks old. After a scary ride to Primary’s in the ambulance, he spent 12 days in the hospital, with 5 in ICU. He also had to have oxygen for a few days after he came home.

Obviously, the feeding tube and subsequent bottle feedings didn’t hurt his appetite in any way.

You see the dimple, right? Liam has beautiful blue eyes, and killer eyelashes.

What a joy our little surprise is! I’m so happy to have him in our lives and in our family, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. Note: Liam, sweetie, you are officially grounded from the hospital. You’ve used up your quotient of sick time.

2 thoughts on “Seriously? One Year?

  1. Colleen says:

    Cute pics! I can’t believe he’s already a year! Where does the time go??? Seems like I was just seeing him in the hospital, poor dude! BTW, Ron invited us over, so you can invite us over ANY time 🙂 and we’ll make wings! 🙂 🙂

  2. Mariana says:

    I love you kids!! You`ve done quite fine, great, they`re adorable really! I promise I`ll writte later in English on my blog. Do you remember I was a little slow to learn? hahaha…Didn`t change much!!!In fact I hadn`t written or spoken English in years, I didn`t know I was going to be able to comunicate, feels great. Take care, love ya.Mariana

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