How Much Is Too Much?

So, I’m totally an over-everything. Over-eater=check. Over-spender=check. Over-reactor=double check. I’m trying to come to terms with this.

I’ve realized lately that I cannot do things half-way. All or nothing seems to be my motto. And, yes, I realize that I am completely setting myself up for failure, because who can accomplish everything, every time? With hair & makeup done and 4 kids? (Okay, so maybe the hair & makeup thing doesn’t happen every day…)

Make sure the kids are clean and well-dressed. Make sure they have an appropriate number of extra-curricular activities. Make sure they are properly socialized. Make sure I am properly socialized. Spend enough time each day cleaning (truthfully, just make sure my house appears clean) and is also creatively decorated and unusual, while not too bizarre or out there. Make sure my kids have homemade (again creative and unusual) birthday cakes, class treats, teacher gifts, etc. Don’t forget the same handmade gifts for friends/acquaintances/neighbors/people I once nodded to who are sick/getting married/having a baby/dead. Find time each day to read something educational, so I don’t sound like a SAHM who can’t use words longer than two syllables. Find time each day to read something light and fluffy, so I can forget that I am a SAHM who rarely does use words longer than two syllables. Come up with something different each day for dinner that appeals to people ranging in ages (and culinary tastes) from 1 to 34. And doesn’t cost too much. And is healthy. And trying to figure out how I can possibly be the ten people I feel like I am, when I can’t identify with a single one of them. Am I the caring mom? The funny friend? The sexy wife? None of the above?

What does all this rambling mean? It means that, once again, I have failed miserably at something. I have not accomplished all this. Not even half. Going back to the all-or-nothing that I mentioned earlier, it appears I am in the nothing side of things. Yay for me.

4 thoughts on “How Much Is Too Much?

  1. Okay piece of advice from someone in your is too short. As long as the house appears clean that is all that really matters. As from a teacher aspect, as long as you participate in your children’s life and care for them lovingly. That’s all we ask for. As for gifts adn party doesn’t have to be complicate creative. simple is best.As for the hair and make..I am born a southern belle, I was not raised as one. Though everyone around me (still married a southern boy etc) demands I have the perfect hair and make up expect said husband. Guess what less is more. Get some mineral makeup, use your lipstick as a double/triple tool eyeshadow, blush and lipstick saves money and time.You are not a failure. You are a great person. Trust me..if anyone has gotten off track its me.

  2. Mariana says:

    You`re great Genn, It`s just this world, or society which requires from us (I mean women), to be everywhere and do everything at once. We have been raised for that, like we could!! And of course, a woman 31 years old, with a husband, four different ages kids, bussines, house,etc.- just feels like freaking out sometimes.I remember you being an emotional and sensitive girl, I don`t think that changed much. The fact of thinking all this stuff makes you look just like a woman who cares for what she has.You,ve done alot, have the this lovely family and not everyone has the courage to do it being so young (look at me!!).Be happy, enjoy the day, is the only we have, not yesterday anymore, not tomorrow yet (look for the “half full not the empty of the glass”, It`s an expresion we have in Spanish I hope It makes sense).Love ya lots,Mariana

  3. Gina says:

    So I believe you once told me, not too long ago, to not sweat the small stuff. Just do what you can do and don’t worry about the rest. We all feel like this sometimes, it will get better.

  4. You are welcome on the comment. I posted here so you could see.

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