My Poor, Neglected Blog…

Apparently, my blog has become my red-headed step-child. Poor thing. I’ve had a lot going on with a project I’m working on, and the blog became the bottom of the list.

So, a quick recap of the past couple of weeks for y’all. Thanks to my POTD, we actually have pictures to go along with things! What is a POTD, you ask? Lemme tell you…

POTD stands for Picture Of The Day. (Crazy, I know.) Somewhere, someone much more thoughtful and creative than I decided to take a picture a day for a whole year. Sometimes it is a picture of themselves every day, so they can see the day to day changes. Sometimes it’s something that catches their eye… whatever the motivation, somewhere along the way it hit the scrapbooking world, and therefore my world. My goal for 2009 is to take a POTD to show all the little things that go on in my life, and the lives of those around me. This leads me to the another big thing that has taken up a chunk of my time: digital scrapbooking.

If you know me (and since you’re reading my blog you probably do) than you know that I love to scrapbook. In theory. The actual process doesn’t happen too often. I start out strong. Dedicated scrap space: check. Lots of photos: double check. Memorabilia: check again. (Of course, I have the “u” book you did in kindergarten.) Plenty of supplies: Well, that’s never been an issue for me.
But when it comes time to actually put a page together, well, it doesn’t happen. (Do you think that my inability to finish anything is… hey, look, a cat!)

Just to give you an idea: the last layout I did was in January of 2006, for pictures of my then-newborn Aidan. It still doesn’t have the photos attached. In January, I completed 28 layouts. THAT’S RIGHT! So, here’s the first 3 weeks of my Project 365:

You probably noticed that this covers up to day 21. I haven’t done the rest of the pages: I’m better, not perfect! A few highlights:

1=Kelsey cut eight inches off her hair! She’s wanted to grow it for so long, and I was really surprised that she wanted it cut. I think it’s adorable!

2=Connor, well, he’s pretty much the same. Goofy, funny, and thinks he’s totally hilarious. He has a “look” for all of his pictures right now. I’m so happy about it. Who want’s a normal picture, with a smiling child, when you could have this, instead?
3=Aidan is still completely mischievous. We’re trying to grow out her self-imposed haircut (aka The Hackjob She Gave Her Bangs), so here’s a pic I snapped this morning. Little stinker!

Liam started walking this past week, so here’s a cute video showing his toddling steps (Sorry about the neck thing… I have no idea how to flip it):

I know, a-dor-able, right? The only thing cuter is him toddling in just his diaper, with his massively chubby legs, but that was a little too white-trash for me.

I hope this catches everyone up just a bit. I know you missed me, and I’m sure your days have been duller, your laughs shorter, and your whites not as bright since I haven’t been updating consistently. Back to your regularly scheduled lives!

3 thoughts on “My Poor, Neglected Blog…

  1. Nicole says:

    Gen! I just have to tell you I love your blog! It is so funny to read. I actually got a blog too. (You inspired me.) The address is Anyway, I haven’t seen you in ages, it sounds like everything is going well. On of my roommates sister-in-law did the 365 pic thing, and it is so cute. I loved yours!

  2. Colleen says:

    You crack me up! Kelsey’s hair is so cute! Liam’s video is adorable! They grow up too fast! When’s the next one coming?? 🙂 I LOVE the idea of the POTD!!!!!!! I think I’ll have to try that and the only way mine will get scrapbooked is if YOU do it for me. 🙂 Ha, ha!!

  3. i know how you feel about the blog thing.

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