Life, or Something Like It…

I’ve figured it out. Laundry Sucks. Okay, that’s not exactly news to me or anyone else, but I REALLY feel that way today.

Steve and I are heading out of town tomorrow. It’s our anniversary on Thursday, and a few days in Sunny Vegas are just what we need! (Yay for us… ten years, and not only did we manage to avoid cheating on each other, knocking anyone around, or killing each other, we still want to spend time together!)

Of course, this means we have done piles and piles of laundry over the last couple of days. Although I might not mind a messy house most days, (well, not enough to lose sleep over it, anyway) I don’t want to come home to one. I’m determined to leave with beds made, dishes done, and no dirty laundry. I think we’ll have enough of that when we get home. Sigh.

Off to pack!

2 thoughts on “Life, or Something Like It…

  1. Colleen says:

    Have a fun time and enjoy the sun for me! Way to go 10 years! I agree about housework and the laundry, it all sucks! Coming home to a clean home is great, though!

  2. I hope your anniversy was good. I hope your laundry doesn’t get overwhelming again. You should see mine…

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