Enough, already.

Okay. I’m boring. I get it. But if I’m going to spend time updating a blog, I really need to work on it.

I don’t have high hopes of being inspirational, unless you consider chaotic ramblings with the occasional curse inspirational. (You don’t? Dammit.)

It won’t be anything overly intellectual, because my brain is permanently stuck in Dora mode these days.

The best I can hope for is slightly amusing and occasionally witty. Okay, I’m kidding myself here. Not witty at all, and if it’s amusing it will be because you’re laughing at… er, I mean WITH me.

Really, what I’m shooting for is just updating it at regular intervals. Which brings us to THE NEW BLOG SCHEDULE. AKA, another way to publicly declare I am going to do something and then fail miserably, so everyone in the world can witness it. You remember Project 365, and the Picture Of The Day? Now forget about it, and never speak of it again. Moving on.

Monday: Movie Quote Day. Or maybe song lyrics, or TV quotes, or sentences that I think are funny. I’ve got an alliteration-thing going, though, so the official title is Monday Movie Quote Day.

Tuesday: I’ve got nothing here. I like to think that I’m giving myself some wiggle room, and no one can possibly update their blog EVERY day, but truthfully, I ran out of ideas.

Wednesday: Vent Day. Yep, on this day you get to hear me whine… er, exercise my right to free speech. Sounds fun, uplifting, AND inspirational, doesn’t it?

Thursday: Throw Up Day. No, not like it sounds. This is the day I “throw something up on the blog” that is quick and easy. A funny video. A link to something. A picture. Maybe I even repeat a post from long (way back in November) ago.

Friday: Free For All. I’m not sure what this means yet. I’ll get back to you on this one.

Saturday: See Tuesday.

Sunday: Fun Day. Nothing serious. All fun. What’s not to love?

There you have it. I know, you’re excited, right? Keep it inside, though, the kiddos are sleeping.

P.S. Since I only got one quote suggestion (Thanks, Glo!) that will be my first official Monday Movie Quote post. Look for it in one week!

2 thoughts on “Enough, already.

  1. You are not boring. I’m probably more boring than you dear. I like your posts. They encourage me. Your schedule sounds fun.

  2. Munda says:

    Hahaha! I love you Gen. You are not boring! You crack me up.

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