10 (hours) + 4 (kids) = Bad Idea.

I know what you’re thinking: it doesn’t take 10 hours to drive home from Las Vegas… But it does.

When Steve is driving a new motorcycle, and needs to stop every so often to stretch his legs.

When I’m driving on only four hours of sleep and need to stop even more often to buy another caffeinated drink and do a few jumping jacks to get the blood flowing again. And use the bathroom, because of the plethora of caffeinated drinks I’m consuming. Seriously, I’m like a three-year-old. Wait. I had one of those, and she wasn’t as bad as me… I hate getting old.

When Kelsey develops some mysterious (still undiagnosed) disease and needs a stop at the Beaver ER for a quick check with the doctors. Poor girl had a temp of 103 WITH meds, and her heart rate was as high as 150.

When we need to stop and see Grady and Janie‘s apartment, because they’ve lived there almost a year and we’ve never been there. (Plus, it corresponded with a stretch-the-legs-and-do-some-jumping-jacks stop.)

But, our planned-at-the-last-minute, very short trip was surprisingly fun. We stayed with Aunt Verna and Uncle Paul, and one day was just enough time for the kids to enjoy Vegas without overly tiring them out. Steve & I also had a date-night, and took in a movie and cruised around on the bike. The weather was perfect.

And then we came home to snow. Crappy April snow, which is of course different than peaceful December snow, or crisp January snow. All April snow is crappy.

So, here’s a shot of my kids, climbing the tree:

You can tell Kelsey’s not feeling well, poor thing. She’s becoming quite a talented little photographer. Here’s a couple of pics she took while we were chatting outside.

I’m excited to do something with these photos, especially since I just bought some new stuff last week. I made a thank you card for my aunt from one of the new kits I bought:

She loves butterflies. (Actually, my next task is to go online shopping for some new butterfly bathroom accessories I can have shipped to her. Thankyouverymuch, Liam.)

By the way, all the stuff I paid full price for last week? On sale this week. (My life is like that.)

So, check out Crystal’s stuff at 2 Peas, because her designs are fun and funky, with bright colors just perfect for spring. Or crappy April snow.

3 thoughts on “10 (hours) + 4 (kids) = Bad Idea.

  1. love the photos..need help adding the sale thing to my blog..mind leaving me some instructions on how’s too on my blog or email them to me..Yes, I know how the short trips seems to take forever to get home from. HUGss on the sick one.

  2. Courtney says:

    Super cute card! I love the paper!

  3. Colleen says:

    Poor Kelsey! Hope it’s all gone away! I swear bad things always happen in Beaver. Anytime we go camping down South, flat tires and everything happens in Beaver. It’s a horrible place. I’m glad you made it back safely on almost no sleep and lots of caffeine, and that you had a good time, too.

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