All In The Family

So, we (by “we” I mean some of my family and I) had one of our famous “discussions” (and by “discussion” I mean argument) yesterday, which covered a lot of ground (by “covered a lot of ground” I mean you couldn’t have followed it with a map and a navigation system) and ended with no clear points that any of us agreed on.

Luckily, Steve missed it, because if he had witnessed it, I would have had to suffer through hours of “I can’t believe you get so worked up about _____” and “What’s the big deal, anyway?” and “I can’t believe how loud your family is. Do they think it’s some kind of contest to see who can talk the loudest? And does your dad REALLY have to have the TV that loud?”

[Truthfully, I hear that last one every time we leave a family gathering of any sort. And, yes, it is a contest. Gina usually wins, except when Ginger is there. And sometimes Ginger wins anyway, even though she is in Colorado. She’s that loud.]

Unluckily, my cousin Jon had to witness it, because we had this particular “discussion” at the drug store. Why did we have a large gathering there? Because it’s my family. And at any given time we will congregate wherever we can find food. Poor guy. I don’t think his family is quite as fun (and by “fun” I mean dysfunctional, but in a normal, we-all-love-each-other and they-should-make-a-sitcom-out-of-us way.)

Basically, the “discussion” (you remember what that really means, right?) ended when one of my sisters called me dumb, threatened to pull my hair, and left. We’ll laugh about it, but not venture too far into this particular “discussion” in the near future. That’s how we roll.

[Seriously, though. Responsibility and fault are synonyms, and agrees with me. That’s all I’m sayin’.]

I love my family. They should totally make a sitcom out of us.

4 thoughts on “All In The Family

  1. okay your family sounds like my family or should I say, my husband’s family. Geez, this is why I hate family gatherings. Luckily, they don’t happen that too often now. We live in a whole another state from the rest of his family. My family well, we are, so, dysfunctional that no one lives near each other and half us have exiled the other half for extreme legal reasons.I’m cool with it really. I can’t take drama it stresses me out way to much and life is way too short.

  2. Nicole says:

    Gen, I think that this the most hysterical post I have ever read. It was great, and it provided me with a much needed laugh. 🙂

  3. Courtney says:

    My Dad turns the tv up way to loud too! That made me laugh.

  4. Colleen says:

    You crack me up! That was a great read!

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