A Makeover… it’s about time!

More exciting news! I was recently asked to be on another design team, this time by Kate Teague, another of my favorite designers. I’m super excited to be working with her, since a lot of her things are my “go to” items that I use on practically everything!

So, you want to see a makeover? No, I didn’t dye my hair purple (again) or cut it all off (again) or even pierce anything (else); this makeover is much cooler.

7 years ago, I made this for my grandma:

While my intentions were good, I didn’t really think it through. You know, big family, LDS, lots of procreating… Needless to say, it got outdated pretty quickly. She gave it back to me at one point (2? 3? 6 years ago?) and I’ve had it sitting on my shelf collecting dust since then. Every once in a while I’d think of it, but since someone was ALWAYS pregnant, I had a good excuse to “just wait a few more months” to redo it.

[Huh. Now that I think about it, an impending baby was always my excuse for not exercising, either. Now what?]

Fast forward to now… I’m getting a little more digi-savvy. (You didn’t know that was a word, did you? Phrase? Whatever.) I decided to recreate it digitally, so it could be easily updated. The result:

I love how it turned out! I printed out a tag with a quote on it and added it, because I didn’t want the whole thing to look too flat. Here’s a close up:

How cool would this be with ancestors forming the roots? The wheels are spinning!

[I had to add twenty-three names. Twenty-three. And we have three more scheduled before the year ends. Not bad, considering my grandma only had two kids, huh?]

3 thoughts on “A Makeover… it’s about time!

  1. Colleen says:

    I LOVE it! The the quote, love the idea of the roots! LOVE IT!! You’re amazing, but what’s new??

  2. I love it Gennifer. She should like it too!

  3. Gina says:

    So, are we all going to get one too? Or can you just send it out? Or do I officially need to order one?

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