Turns out sleep isn’t necessary for survival. Sanity, maybe; survival, no.

The last week or so has been very hectic. Late nights. In fact, there were a couple that I was crawling into bed as Steve’s alarm was going off, and even one where he was up, showered, and ironing his shirt (I’m such a bad wife!) before I wandered in.

A lot has been accomplished. I finished 11 Family Trees and got them mailed off. The marathon 36-hour bathroom remodel at the Drug Store is complete. 7 dozen decorated Cake Balls for Uncle Craig’s birthday? Done. Layouts for two kits that I thought would be released this week, but won’t be until next week? Yeah. Seven signs proclaiming the Drug Store’s Best Burgers*, printed and hung. (Okay, only 6 hung. Sheesh.)

*Did I mention that Hi-Mountain Drug won Utah’s Best of State in the Best Burgers category? We’re pretty damn proud!

The bags under my eyes are a true work of art. Not even spackle could fix them! Not that I tried, of course. Who would think, while texturizing the walls at the store, that spackle is an appropriate face-fixer? Not me.

Luckily, Steve and the kids got me a Gift Certificate with Lorri, the best esthetician in the world. If she can’t fix me up, no one can. Actually, I’m beyond fixing (30 years of hard living, and all that!), but she sure can shine me up.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, here’s a pic with my Mom and Grandmy on Sunday:

Three amazing women. Well, okay, two amazing women, and one who hopes to someday measure up. They’re tough acts to follow!

I didn’t think to get a picture, but we were very happy to see Steve’s mom on Mother’s Day, too. They’ve been serving a mission in Atlanta, and we haven’t seen them since July. We’re so glad to have them back!

I’ve been taking an online class at Jessica Sprague’s website, and I’m learning how to use Photoshop to… well, photoshop. Crazy, I know! I also just started one at 2Peas, and I can’t wait to see what I learn there. In the meantime, my skills are definitely growing. I took this photo:

Bad, right? I turned it into this:

… which I find pretty darn amazing!

Seriously, though. I can’t find my iPod. I saw Liam pull Kelsey’s out of the player and carry it off, which happens to be where Steve swears it was last. Hmm.

A couple of other layouts I did this week that I’m especially loving:

Those last two were done with kits from Songbird Avenue, a super cool online site. Every month, one kit is released, and is available for that month only. There is a guest designer, and they choose a charity to donate all of the proceeds to; April was Ali Edwards, and $6816.00 was donated to Autism Speaks. Amazing, huh? With the exception of PayPal fees, everything goes to the charity.

In May, Songbird Avenue is temporarily re-releasing ALL of their previous kits. Any sales this month will go towards funding the website. I think this is such an amazing idea, and really applaud Jan Crowley and Meredith Fenwick for thinking this up. If you haven’t before, check Songbird Avenue out now!

3 thoughts on “Huh.

  1. Nicole says:

    good heavens gen! you are superwoman! I still need to come visit you since i am in kamas and all… I want to see the cake balls you made for your uncle craigs b -day. I bet they were amazing, cause you are a creative genius. I loved the pic of Liam, and the Father and Son one- SO cute! Also, that pic of you, your mom, and your grandma? adorable. love it. 🙂 hopefully ill be by to visit you soon…

  2. Colleen says:

    I’d say you’ve been busy! Holy crap! Good thing you got a gift certificate! Awesome job with photo shop! You’re amazing! Cute pics, cute layouts! I love Connor’s face looking up at Steve’s!!

  3. What a great job on the photo shop! I need it to get so bad!!! Get some sleep this week.You can get gussy up easy girl. You are repairable!

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