I know…

It’s been a while. Did you miss me?

I’ve been so busy, running, of course. I’ve lost 15 pounds, and dropped two sizes.

I also won a million dollars in the lottery, found out I’ve been nominated for the Nobel prize in physics, and the Pope decided to declare me a saint. Saint Gennifer. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?


Really? What have I been doing for the past couple of weeks?

We went camping with Steve’s brother and his family. Well, most of us went camping. Liam and I slept at home both nights. And we realized that for our next camping trip, in August, we will be taking his Pack&Play. Since “camping” in that case is in my parent’s massive backyard, and Liam will be “camping” in the house. Have fun, Mom!

Turning a hella-old truck (1960-something?) into a pirate ship. Turning our trailer into an island. Turning Aidan into Tinkerbell, Liam into Michael, Kelsey into Wendy, and Connor into a pirate. Oh, and turning Maya into Nana. Yep, you guessed it: Peter Pan. Our slogan? Let our burgers be your happy little thoughts. Clever, right?

Unfortunately, no pictures yet. My sister took some, but she’s in Colorado. My camera, of course, went home with Steve. Sans pictures.

But we were super cool. Even if I did hear an occasional “Captain Jack” from the sidelines.

We celebrated Steve’s birthday, the big Three-Five. I told him he was now middle-aged. And I am a trophy-wife. Pre-enhancement, of course.
We sold the bullet bike, and purchased His & Hers dirt bikes. Who am I kidding? His and His Lite dirt bikes. 🙂 Hopefully, now that the kids are slightly older, we can have some fun on them. Also, hoping that the streak is broken, since the last two times we bought something that was “mine”, we found out I was pregnant shortly after. Seriously, it’s not funny the second time, and there better not be a third!

I’ve been doing a few digi-layouts! I’ve been added to a couple of creative teams, The Queen of Quirk’s. and Songbird Avenue. I talked about Songbird Avenue in this blog post a couple of months ago, and I’m so super excited to be involved with them. Because they have a different guest designer each month, I’m looking forward to really growing as I work with the many different styles. Here’s a layout I did with the July kit, called “Rays of Hope”, with guest designer Amy Teets:
Jan Crowley (aka The Queen of Quirk) is one of the geniuses behind Songbird Avenue. I’ve been a huge fan of her’s since I started digital, she has the best templates you can imagine! One of my most all-time-favorite layouts is one of my first, done with her template:
I love all of the swirls that she adds to everything, such incredible dimension!

I made this layout using the lovely Jen Allyson’s designs:
And this one with Kate Teague’s kits (loopy frame by Jen Allyson):
This layout is using a fabulous template by Paislee Press:
I love her style. So open & fresh. She did a collaborative kit with Audrey Neal, which I HAD to have. I used it to do this layout, which also uses one of The Queen of Quirk’s templates.
So stinkin’ cute, right? Audrey has a fabulous weekly journaling challenge on her blog, and this week she asked me to do one of the samples. I did this one, with Audrey’s Butterfly Fancy kit:
You should definitely check it out, because while I do believe the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words,” the right words combined with a great picture are infinitely more powerful.

So, what are you saying this week?

5 thoughts on “I know…

  1. Oh Gennifer. I hope that you do break the streak. I definitely can relate too.. the mine then …oh guess what..surprise…your having a baby. I really needed to see a post from you. It helped my immensely bad afternoon get a bit better.

  2. Lorell says:

    You crack me up!! I thought you were serious about losing the two dress sizes until I read further about you getting a million bucks…LOL! Your life sounds very busy annd full…wow! Congrats on getting to design for Jan…that's awesome!

  3. Gen, you are too funny! Care to share that million dollars? Oh, hang on, you can't since you'll need it for more baby clothes! How's the running going? Love all your suggested options and methods of bribery – might have to steal a couple … and while B.W. is a good one, I think I'll pass on that one. 🙂

  4. wholarmor says:

    Those are some great layouts!Congrats on the 15 lbs and million dollars! LOL! I think you need to share your luck with me!

  5. Gregan says:

    you sold the bullet bike!?! what am i going to ride when i come home!?!

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