3 weeks.

Three weeks could be a lot of things in my life.
How long it’s been since I did laundry.
Could be true, but not today. I did lots of laundry yesterday.
How long I’m going to be gone on a cruise.
How long it takes me to eat a box of cookies.
Double HA!

Today, three weeks is how much longer my “little” brother Gregan has left on his mission. (I say little, because he was 6’4″ when he left. Now? Who knows?) He’s serving in the St. Louis, Missouri area, and we’re anxiously awaiting his return. A lot has happened while he’s been gone: his only brother got married, but luckily he already knows our new sister-in-law, since they went to high school together. He has two new nephews and a new niece. He doesn’t know them. But since two are newborns, they’re pretty easy to fake a relationship with. And since the other is my oh-so-adorable Liam, well, I already know he’ll be the favorite. 🙂

So, here’s a couple of pics, for your viewing enjoyment:

The night before Gregan left, looking all missionary-like:

And how he really is:

A picture of pregnant me (I was about 6 months along) and Gregan at the MTC:

A picture he sent home a few months ago:
So, Gregan, if you’re reading this and it makes you trunky, sorry. We’re getting trunky, too.

5 thoughts on “3 weeks.

  1. Jen Martakis says:

    you can not be serious about not doing laundry for 3 weeks….that would be crazy!!!!I hope your (and your brother's) 3 weeks goes super fast. 🙂

  2. Colleen says:

    He looks so young in that first pic, holy cow! He's so grown up and handsome in the last one! 3 weeks will fly by I'm sure! (Maybe not for him, tho) 🙂

  3. He is just a rascal now. Actually, I have been doing laundry every day for over week, and I still have a week and half of laundry to go. Look GQ he's gorgeous. Seriously, I know regiliously it may not be right but he is definitely GQ material. Ss the entertainment and graphic training is coming in.

  4. Mary says:

    It is not fair that you looked so cute at 6 months pregnant.

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