Eight is totally enough.

I was tagged by my friend Mary Mary. And by friend, I mean we’ve met once, and communicated online occasionally, and she tagged me out of pity. But I’m okay with that, because she’s freakin’ hilarious. And her photography is freakin’ awesome. And her new staircase in her new house is freakin’ gorgeous.

So, without further ado, here we go!

Eight things I did yesterday:

1) Called everyone I knew to tell them about the dress(es) I scored for a really good price the day before. I don’t think the bagger at the grocery store really cared, though. (So what if one’s a touch too small. I’m not drinking soda anymore, right?)

2) Finished up a few family trees, started a few family trees, and avoided one family tree completely. He sent me a flow chart to try and keep things straight. Yeah.

3) Took Kelsey and Connor for a little Back to School shopping. Wondered slightly why the eighties styles are back in full force, since they weren’t that attractive to begin with.

4) Really tried to talk Connor out of the sports-themed backpack. Fail.

5) Admired Liam’s curls. They’re so soft and pretty when he’s fresh out of the tub.

6) Found my lost daughter. She’d wandered down to my grandma’s house to play with her cousins.

7) Cursed my curls. They’re so frizzy when I’m fresh out of the shower, and take eleventy-billion years to straighten. Why didn’t eighties hair come back? I could really get on board with that.

8) Drove through Taco Bell for dinner. And maybe split a soda with my two kids. Drat.

Eight favorite shows:

1) Design Star… I know, right? But there’s something really cool about seeing all the different designs in one show, side by side. And then seeing design show hosts rip them all apart.

2) Food Network Challenge. (But only the cake decorating ones.)

3) Friends. I don’t care that they are all reruns, and I’ve seen them often enough to recite the lines. It’s still funny.

4) Sadly, the only other shows I know are the ones my kids watch. They’re hardly my favorites. So, we’re skipping 5, 6, 7, and 8, but I reserve the right to come back in with more. Once I think of them. (Or I could just use the extra 4 on my next section, right?)

Eight favorite restaurants: (Because I totally could name more than eight here.)

1) Hi-Mountain Drug, because I would be remiss if I didn’t list it here, and list it first. Best Burgers in the state, baby!

2) Macaroni Grill, simply for their bruchetta. And their bread. Carb heaven.

3) Cafe Rio, for fast Mexican. Pork Barbacoa, anyone?

4) Red Rock Brewery, who has the most amazing Portobello Mushroom appetizer. Follow it up with their warm goat cheese appetizer (thanks, GeNille) and it’s the perfect meal. Except for one thing…

5) Cold Stone Creamery, which is conveniently located across the street from RR in Park City. Perfect way to finish off a meal. Or start one. No judgements here.

6) Leatherby’s, but not necessarily for their ice cream. (Although that’s good, too!) Their fries, dipped in a combination of fry sauce and teriyaki. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

7) La Frontera… I lived on this stuff while I was pregnant with Kelsey. Which may explain her feisty personality, now that I think about it. Unfortunately, Steve got so sick of me saying “Laaaaa Fronteraaaa” that he refuses to eat there to this day.

8) Bonzai, Teppenyaki, & The Last Samarai are all really good, and depending on my location, any will suffice. And really, does a flaming volcano ever get old?

Eight things I look forward to:

1) Fitting into my new dress, while still eating lots of good food and not exercising. It could happen, right?

2) My little brother coming home, in ONE WEEK! Yay!

3) School starting, and being able to get back into a routine. I need the discipline.

4) Liam saying a few more words than “What?!?” “shoes” and “Ma”. (Ma was really cute the first time, but over and over at 6 AM? Not cute.)

5) Getting a MX helmet, so I can finally ride the Steve Lite motorcycle.

6) The day our house is repainted. (Interior.) Not the repainting, mind you, just when it’s done.

7) When Steve gets home from work. Not because we’re all mushy in love (even though we are), but because it’s another adult in the house. Or maybe just because we’re mushy in love.

8) Going along with #2: Having my entire family together for the first time in two years. With Gregan gone and another sister out of state, I’m excited to spend a week camping together. We’ll fight, for sure. We’ll have fun, for sure. But, hey, when you get eight siblings together with their respective families, what else could happen?

Eight people I tag:

1) Glorilyn/Ginger/Janie (these count as one, because maybe one of them will actually do it. Or maybe not.)

2) Gina

3) Nicole

4) Shantell

5) Colleen

6) Katherine

7) Samantha

8) Jen Martakis

4 thoughts on “Eight is totally enough.

  1. Okay I've been tagged! Eight different catagories! Oh boy..Gen correct me if I get it wrong..

  2. Mary says:

    Hey, blog friends count as real friends. And it wasn't a pity tag… It was a desperation tag on my part. I was going from a very limited pool of readers. Thanks for playing, though! That was fun.

  3. Lorell says:

    What fun answers!! I will have to try fry sauce and teriyaki with fries sometime…it actually sounds pretty yummy to me…:D

  4. AlohaAroha says:

    No telling everyone else about the dresses and not posting pics!"7) Cursed my curls. They're so frizzy when I'm fresh out of the shower, and take eleventy-billion years to straighten. Why didn't eighties hair come back? I could really get on board with that."Just ignore the trends and have curls anyway! That's what I do!

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