Did you miss me?

I know. As I was kindly reminded by a friend on Facebook (Hi, Shantell!) it has been three weeks since I last updated my blog. Three weeks. (I won’t make any comments about how she needs to get a life, and how bored she must be…)

So, what’s happened here?

1) Gregan came home. I might have actually missed it, since I can’t manage to get myself, a husband, and four kids anywhere on time. Who am I kidding? I can’t get myself anywhere on time, even when my husband is getting four kids ready by himself. Luckily, in a flash of inspiration (or just a reality check), I left my camera with my mom the night before, so while I was not at the airport, my trusty Nikon was. And it captured this shot of me, and the kids, walking up late. (Steve was parking the car, since I thought for sure that if we didn’t have to walk all the way across the parking lot, we’d be there before Gregan.)

2) I was asked to be a Garden Girl at Two Peas in a Bucket. That won’t mean much to most of you, but to me, it’s huge. Ridiculously scary, and frightfully intimidating, since I’ve joined one of the most talented groups of women in the scrapbooking industry. I may have a stroke. I may have two. But there will definitely be a layout about it. Or two.

3) Three days before my first deadline at 2 Peas, my computer crashed. Yeah. So, a quick shopping trip, a complete impulse purchase, and ridiculous amounts of money later, I was the proud owner of my first laptop. A pretty red one. I call her Della. Della is completely loaded, with a whole bunch of really cool features, and lots of RAM, and a bunch of other stuff that doesn’t mean a lot to me, but Steve insisted she had. And she’s a redhead, just like me. But natural. Unfortunately, Della is a bit camera shy, so we have no pictures. Yet.

4) The kids started school. K in third grade, C in first, and A in preschool. Which leaves me with one child for a couple of hours a couple of times a week. I might start a new hobby. I might keep my house clean. Okay, okay. I’ll probably take a nap.

And this is how Liam entertains himself, with no siblings to play with. And Maya, she just takes it. What a sweetie she is!
5) Kelsey was baptized yesterday. She turned eight in May, but wanted to wait until Gregan was home, so the big day was yesterday.

Can you believe how old she looks? FYI: that dress she’s wearing? It was my sister’s Maid of Honor dress from my wedding. I love that I still have it. I love that my Mom is skilled enough to alter it. I love that my daughter has enough of me in her to want to wear a dress from my wedding.

So, what’s new with you?

11 thoughts on “Did you miss me?

  1. congrats on gg, and brother home..I missed you but knew that we all had busy lifes. Blogs..well they are great but they don't run our lives.

  2. Well it is about time. I am so Proud of you. First of all I do have a life I just have a little more free time then you do. Remember I am not chasing four kids around all day. Second Congrats on being the Golden Girl. Third those pictures of the kids are so cute especially A's. Thanks for Blogging just for me:)

  3. wholarmor says:

    Congrats on becoming a Garden Girl! Cute pics of the kids!

  4. Congrats on becoming a Garden girl! Woo hoo! That is exciting! Oh, and congrats on your new laptop (lucky). šŸ˜‰ Love the pics!

  5. Congratulations on the Garden Girl pick!

  6. Mary says:

    You're a garden girl?! That's awesome! Congrats.Do you get to chat on the secret GG board??? You have got to spill on the juicy topics.

  7. jen allyson says:

    Hmm after reading this post, I now realize that there is SO much I don't know about you…

  8. Jen Martakis says:

    I was wondering if you ever going to update! Love the pics of the kids. Your Liam and my Andrew need to have a playdate. Think the drive would be too much? Congrats to your sweet Kelsey! How awesome that she wore that dress. I need a girl. *sigh*

  9. Nice update! And the photos are fantastic! Especially of the one of you walking into the airport with your kids!

  10. Glo says:

    You're so funny! Maybe someday I'll update my blog…just like you.

  11. Lorell says:

    Wow…what a busy bee you've been!! Sounds like life is treating you well (even if it is keeping you super busy). Now, what I want to know is, how do you take naps with a child at home? LOL! Mine would still get into something, bloody himself, or make some horrendous mess…if you've discovered to secret to getting some rest and still keep track of a kid, I need to know what it is…(*wink*)

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