Maybe I’m late to the party…

and you’ve all already seen this. Maybe one or two of my five readers haven’t, so…

This one’s for you.

This adorable little girl is an online friend’s cousin, which maybe makes us practically related, right?

Maybe I cried a bit when I watched it.

Maybe I’m still super emotional after a tough scrapbook layout I did yesterday. (Want to see it? It will be posted on the Design House Digital blog on Wednesday at 6 AM. Maybe you should set your alarm.)

Maybe some of you should back off. Tears never hurt anyone. (Maybe I’m lying. They hurt my eyes, and make them all blotchy. They make my nose run, which in turn makes my throat sore. They give me a headache.)

Maybe I should go to bed, because maybe this is all much more clever in my head than it’s playing out online.

Maybe so.

5 thoughts on “Maybe I’m late to the party…

  1. Ahh…hugs…I will stop by today..

  2. Tia Bennett says:

    ohhhhhhh Gen!your layout is so completely precious. ((xoxo))

  3. wholarmor says:

    Haha! We're related! Okay, I can adopt another sister, right? That's an amazing layout that you did! I can imagine why there would be a lot of tears over that one. (((hugs)))

  4. humel says:

    Ack, Gen, you made me cry!! But I forgive you xx

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