Photo Overlay Freebie!

No, I’m not Irish, although I definitely wouldn’t mind.

I am, however, super lucky, in many aspects of my life. So, in honour of St. Pat, and all things green, I’ve made a super simple, but super fun photo overlay for you.

Click here to get the horizontal version, and here to get the vertical version. (I have no idea why the previews are so wonky, but when I tested it, it downloaded fine.)

7 thoughts on “Photo Overlay Freebie!

  1. Christi says:

    Super cute! Thanks

  2. humel says:

    OK Gen, here's the deal. I adopt you as a sister. You share my Irish ancestry. I share your talent. That OK with you? xx

  3. totally st patrickie girlie!! I will have to get you to email it to me later..Are you up for an interview? I think you and Kerry are going to be my guests on my blog..

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