Leap Day Sale, plus a coupon!

Aww. I love Leap Day! Just the idea of a whole extra day… it’s full of possibilities! Maybe I’ll clean out a closet. Maybe I’ll paint my baseboards. Maybe I’ll finally start those quilts.

Then again, maybe I’ll read a book. Maybe I’ll paint my nails. Maybe I’ll just take a nap. The point is, it’s a free day, so it’s totally fine!

(And, I gotta be honest: The latter ideas are far more likely than the former. Steve has been away for a few days on a business trip, so I’ve taken every opportunity I could to slack off. We’ve been eating out every night, I haven’t done a single load of laundry, and the house is a wreck. Today is my last day, because I’ll be in a mad cleaning frenzy before he gets home tomorrow night. I’m just keeping it real here, folks.)

If you’re a scrapbooker, Leap Day is a great day to stock up on kits, because Design House Digital is having a super quick sale: 29% off the entire shop! Yes, everything, even my newest kits like County Fair Part 2 (a collab with Sara Schmutz) and my very popular Simply Said.

It’s also your last chance to stock up on February’s 60 brand new dollar kits, including these four by Yours Truly:

They’re great for both digital pages and Project Life, so grab them today before they go up to their regular price tomorrow!

And, for those who’ve stopped by my blog, here’s a little something just for you:
Grab The Everything Planner for just $2.90 today (regularly $12.99) and use the extra day to get yourself organized. Use coupon code blogHAPPY at checkout.

Happy Leap Day, however you spend it! (I won’t tell.)

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