A bit of introspection…

Earlier this month, I signed up for an online class on building a better business. I figured that it’s the responsible thing to do, now that I’m (not only) a significant portion of our household income, but also bearing some responsibility for the income of the other designers at DHD. Unfortunately, I haven’t had as much time to devote to it as I would like, since I’ve been transitioning to my new laptop, which HP replaced after damaging my previous one in transit on three different occasions. (THREE! It was like a bad joke!) Luckily, I can access the class information down the road, so while I’m trying to get the overall lessons, I’m definitely planning on getting the “meat” of the information down the road.

But, it’s gotten me thinking. When I transitioned from blogger to WP a few months ago, I specifically cleaned things up. I eliminated the sidebars, to give my blog a light, airy feel. But, really, to be an effective marketing tool, the blog needs to have those things. Right?

I’m not entirely sure that’s where I want my focus to be, though. I blog at least once a week at the DHD blog, for business. I post on the DHD FB page, on my business FB page, and on my personal FB page. I post in a few forums where I’m active, and read a few where I’m not. I’m out there.

I think that I don’t want this blog to be that. It might not be the most effective marketing tool, but I’m okay with that. It’s the one place that I can be the true me… The disordered, slightly irreverent weirdo that I am in real life. The one who makes pledges and doesn’t follow through, who vents about her weight, who writes public love letters to her husband that he will never see. (Yeah, I don’t think he even knows the web address!)

So, if you’re a friend who still reads this, you’ll have to put up with a bit of my digi stuff, because that’s a part of me. If you’re a scrapbooker, you’ll have to put up with a bit of my everyday stuff, because that’s a part of me.

These days, I kind of miss me.

6 thoughts on “A bit of introspection…

  1. Shannon says:

    I feel exactly the same way Gen! My blog is a personal journal which includes mulitple aspects of my life. That means I include my digi designs since it’s part of my ever evolving story.

  2. Marissa says:

    I enjoy all aspects of you. I like the professional stuff but the real life stuff pulls me in. 🙂 You go girl.

  3. ScrappyMama says:

    Well, I for one, will look forward to seeing more of the “real you”! After all, I love your digi designs (& being a bit irreverent myself!)…why wouldn’t I love hanging out with you & seeing what’s going on in your everyday life???! I can always visit those other sites if I’m in the need of appreciating your marketing skills ; )

  4. MamaBug says:

    Good for you for finding a space to be just you. I completely understand what you mean about missing yourself. Been there and done that.

  5. Kat says:

    Hhhm. Irreverent and weird. I think you fit in just fine 🙂 Carving out a little space for just you is great – and well-deserved.

  6. Carey says:

    We love Gen – so just be you. And I’ll keep cracking up and nodding my head in agreement. Embrace the weird and post when you feel it. 🙂

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