Dollar Days at Pixels and Co

January marks the 1 year anniversary of Pixels and Company and we’re celebrating by introducing new kits every day this month priced at $1.  You can take a look at all of them right here.

There are a few brand new Gennifer Bursett Designs kits that are part of the Dollar Days sale, and there may be a few more on the way!

missmollypaper Miss Molly Papers

missmollyelements  Miss Molly Elements

epoxy Elemental:  Glitter Epoxy Dots

wood Elemental:  Wood Dots

julep Julep Papers

And here are a few CT layouts made with the new kits.

julepraquel  by Raquel (P&Co CT)

missmollygen by Gen!

missmollycourtney  by Courtney

missmollynettie by Nettie

missmollylorry  by Lorry

missmollyalina  by Alina

missmollylacey  by Lacey

dotsalina by Alina

P&CoMissMolly by Laura

missmollymarifah by Marifah

missmollycourtney2  by Courtney

missmollygwen by Gwen

missmollyhelene by Helene

missmollykacy  by Kacy

missmollylilja  by Lilja

missmollymaribel  by Maribel

missmollymarifah2  by Marifah

missmollymary  by Mary

missmollymscrap by Mscrap Creas

OK, that was more than a few.

So head on over to the store and check out Dollar Days. These deals only last until the end of January!

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