3 New Kits for the March Company Stash

It’s a new month and a new Company Stash at Pixels and Co.  This month the Stash was inspired by one of our CT, Alina Shönemann!  Alina entered a contest over on the Pixels and Co Facebook page and won the chance to direct the colors and theme of the March Stash.  She came up with some great ideas.  It’s vintage, colorful, and so girly!

Here are the new kits and CT inspiration

haberdasherypapers Alina’s Haberdashery Papers

haberdasherytags Alina’s Haberdashery Tags

haberdasheryjewels Alina’s Haberdashery Jewels

And here are some CT pages made with the new Haberdashery kits and other goodies from the March Stash

alinaalina First up is Alina’s layout made with quite a few kits from the March stash and alphas from Julep.  Along with helping design the Stash she received all of the kits!

alinacourtney This one is from Courtney, and with the Haberdashery Papers and some elements from Far and Away

alinakacy From Kacy, made with the Haberdashery Papers, Jewels, and more from the March stash

alinalorry And a beautiful hybrid project from Lorry!

alinamaribel This one from Maribel is made with several kits from the March stash along with the Leathers Sugar Frames and Katy Words

alinamarifah From Marifah, made with Haberdashery Papers, some Far and Away Elements, and Love Leathers

alinamichelle From Michelle, using all 3 of the Haberdashery kits

alinanettie From Nettie, made with Haberdashery and more from the March Stash

alinaraquel From Raquel (Pixels and Co CT)

P&Comarchstash And one from Laura.

Alina’s Haberdashery Papers, Tags, and Jewels are on sale until March 5th along with the rest of the March Stash.

One thought on “3 New Kits for the March Company Stash

  1. TiffanyJ says:

    It’s all so gorgeous! Great job Alina and P&Co!

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