Style it with Washi

Kym, here, excited to share with you some of my favorite ways to use digital washi tape.  Awhile back, I pitched Gen a wild idea for some digital washi tape.  Most kits that contain washi tape are just little bits and pieces where you can “adhere” to paper.  I dreamed up of a 12 inch washi tape so that I could “tear” it to any length I wanted to.  I wanted to be able to customize the length of washi tape to fit any layout using a digital brush as an eraser causing a “tear” in the washi strip.  A few weeks later, Gen created “Elemental Kym’s Washi.”  Crazy ecstatic to have a kit that I longed for and more excited to have it named after me. folder

In case you are new to using a digital brush as an eraser, I have included one screen shot to show you.  In this layout, I used the long strips of Kym’s Washi as a clipping mask.  I clipped paper from Miss Molly to create my own washi tape.

1.  Load Gen’s .abr brush file from Elemental: Kym’s Washi

2.  Select the eraser tool

3.  On the top bar, make sure that “brush” mode is selected

4.  Select the “tear” brush you want to use and erase away


In the screen shot, you can see the long strips of washi.  I used the digital tear brushes and cut them down to the size that I wanted. Then I just tweaked the location a bit.  Here is the final layout.


Here are a few layouts that I’ve done that shows why having long strips of washi tape are ideal.



From these examples, you can see that I used them as a mat for my photos or to create a border around my photo or layout.  The possibilities are endless.  But, if you still want to use it to just tack down a photo just take a small strip from Anchored Washi Tape Strips and you can create a super simple layout in minutes.


I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial on using digital washi tape.

2 thoughts on “Style it with Washi

  1. Tammy Davis says:

    I love this! Will this brush work in PSE12? You are so talented, Gennifer! Thank you! Tammy


  2. this is fabulous, Kym, thank you! somehow using it as brush completely flew over my head…

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