Hybrid Pockets: One Card, Two Ways

Hello, Michelle here with my first post on Gennifer’s blog! What does hybrid mean to you? Printing cards straight from the designer’s PDF and inserting into your pocket page protectors? Adding a stamp, frame, or some text to your photo before printing? Building and decorating your cards from the base up with digital elements in Photoshop, including photos and journaling, then printing and inserting the completed cards in your album? The answer? Yes! It’s all hybrid, and everything in between.

There’s so many ways you can mix those beautiful digital kits with your paper supplies to create hybrid cards. Today I’m going to show you two ways to make the same 6×4 hybrid card, with a few bonus tips sprinkled here and there.

I’m starting with this kit by Gen, For the Love Of… 

I chose the kiss frame, pink ombre paper, a couple word bits/tags, and gold splatters to create my card. You could start with a premade card, but I loved that ombre paper so I just cut a 6×4 piece out of it in Photoshop. My favorite way to create hybrid cards in Photoshop is to first create a new canvas for whatever size card I need, like 6×4, and then I can drag my paper in and position it wherever I want on that canvas.

Here’s what I came up with for my “base” card, after adding a few splatters to the pink paper:

peek a boo blank card

Now this is where the two cards part ways! For Card #1, I stayed in Photoshop and layered up my digital elements on this card, inserted my photo, and journaled. Here’s the finished, ready-to-print Card #1 – ready to slide right in my page protector.

Peek a boo digital card

Cute, right? And easy! Bonus tip #1: Prefer your pocket pages all-digital? Then you’re done! Clip this card into your favorite pocket page template design and call it a day!

But if you like the dimensional parts of hybrid, more touchy-feely-paper stuff, keep reading. Card #2 takes a different route!

Remember the base card? I plopped that on a 8.5×11 canvas along with the frame and tags, and printed on my favorite Epson Premium Presentation Paper Matte. Here’s my ready-to-print canvas, with the completed hybrid card and the individual pieces:

ready to print peek a boo cards

Bonus tip #2: You could print the photo right in the frame on the cardstock if you like the matte finish. Personally, I prefer the glossy photo paper, so I printed mine separately this time. After printing and cutting out my card components and printing my photo, I assembled the pieces with a few paper supplies and came up with this (I apologize for the photo quality, these were not taken in natural light!):



Paper supplies used: Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher staple, Becky Higgins Project Life date stamp, gold sequins, Sharpie pen. Bonus tip #3: Of course you could also type your journaling on the frame in Photoshop before printing! So many ways you can customize a hybrid project!

Here’s the two cards side by side:

hybrid cards side by side

Thanks for bearing with me, and I hope you’ve picked up a few ideas for your next pocket scrapbooking page, whether you prefer to stay all digital, dip your toe in hybrid waters, or jump in feet first!


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