My Best Gift Ever

Hey!  Courtney here, bringing you some quick tips and info about scrapping a gift album for a loved one.  I know, sometimes it is hard to find the time to scrap our own life experiences let alone scrap for someone else right?  Well, this past Christmas I surprised my parents with an amazing album I created for them based on their trip out west to celebrate my father’s 65th birthday.  Not only was it my pleasure doing this for them, it was also their favorite gift I think they have ever received from me.  (Well, besides their granddaughter!)  When I saw the tears in their eyes I knew I nailed the album and also tugged on their heartstrings because they could relive their trip at the turn of a page.

Here are some of my tips for creating a meaningful album for someone else.

Tip#1- It doesn’t have to be a secret!  Let them know you are scrapping the experience.  Whether it is a trip, a birthday, or a new baby, if your loved one knows you are going to be working on something for them, they can help with the details of the experience.  You can ask them for quotes, favorite memories, funny moments, and make sure you have the best photos from the life event.  By doing this, they will see their own voice and memories on their pages. For example, I used my mother’s own words to document Zion National Park.  Gen’s kit Indian Summer, was the perfect fit for these amazing photos my mom took.


Tip #2-Scrap your Stash.  Dig deep!!!  I know, there is something about the thrill of downloading that new kit right?  Well, I bet you have all you need in your stash to scrap an awesome album for someone.  You might even end up LOVING scrapping some of your old favorites, I know I did.  If you do need a specific look, shop designers of the week and site sales.  Take all those papers and elements you think you will use and create a folder for them.  This will help you coordinate colors and patterns with your pictures.  I love this photo my mom sent me of the Bellagio Fountain and the kit Photo Bomb, with its glitter and glamour, was the perfect kit to scrap with!

Bellagio Fountain

Tip #3-Organize from the start.  When I offered to scrap my parents an album I began right away with organizing their trip into folders.  I asked for one email per important destination.  My mom helped by documenting each experience and attached a few photos.  This was a big help because all I had to do was copy and paste and play with font and size for the text!  I was able to scrap all of my pages in chronological order this way as well.  Here is another page on their arrival in Sedona.  I used Gen’s kit Far and Away to scrap this one.  I loved how it turned out.


Tip #4- Get a Jump Start.  Many companies run photo book specials every month or two.  If you are done ahead of time you will be able to save money on printing.  I was able to create a 20 page album and received 50% off when the Christmas printing deals rolled in.  If you are done ahead of time, time and savings are on your side!  And lastly, budget your time.  I tried to create one or two pages a day and it took me about a month to make them an amazing trip album.  I am not going to lie and say it didn’t take time, of course it did, but nothing will ever compare to the amazing “Trip out West” album they received for Christmas this year.  The look in their eyes when they opened it reassured me that they LOVED my gift.

Thanks for reading and looking at my pages and I encourage you to scrap a gift from the heart, they won’t forget it!


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