Adjust the color of your picture

Hello! Helene aka buzinettescrap is here to talk about my favourite technique that I used on nearly all my layout. This is how I adjust the color of my picture to the color of a kit.

I don’t know you but me, when I see a page with a photo whose colors harmonize perfectly with the kit used, I am still in awe.
Sometimes it’s simple because it looks like the kit is made for your photo (but you need to admit that it happens rarely anyway ;)) but more often, it still lacks a little brightness or colors of the image are almost … but not quite the same …. it happens to me all the time (after all, I’m not a professional photographer ….)

Then to adjuct the color it and bring my pictures to the colors of the kit that I use, I have my little secret (very simple and really takes very little time when we usually use … yes, I promise!).

Before to start the explaination, I want to apologize because I use GIMP software and not photoshop to scrap and my software is in French (after all, I‘m French lol). But I know that you can find the same options on photoshop and I translated the important terms for you 😉

So, for this tutorial, I begin with this layout and this picture …

layout begin

Yes, the light on my layout is really bad and not adapted to the color of the kit.

But I really love this one and want to use this cute picture of my daughter.

To adjust the color of them to the color of the kit, i start by using the option curve of my software (you can find them under the menu color)


On the window that open, you can lighter or darker the picture by moved the line like this



Sometimes, I add a new layer above the picture layer. I select the pixels of the picture and fill the layer above with a light color from the kit


I finally change the layer mode to overlay and reduce a little the opacity of this layer. I obtain this result for my layout


Really simple but this make really the difference on my layout, isn’t it?

Now you know one of my secret to adjust the color of my picture? And you, do you have some secrets to transform your picture to match the color of a kit? I’d loved to know them and see your layout with color adjustment!

Have a nice day




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