I love to get mail, even the digital kind. If you have any product requests, concerns about previous purchases, or just want to shoot the breeze, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

15 thoughts on “Contact

  1. jayme pierce says:

    Hi! I love your designs and recently bought your shadows. I was wondering if you knew how I could make them show up as their own tab instead of only in Show All! Thanks so much : )

  2. aridg says:

    I found your downloadable chore charts on Pinterest and was wondering if you have a file (for Macs) that I can customize for my boys?
    Thanks so muchg!

  3. Kelly Mobley says:

    Hi Gennifer – Love your stuff! I have your shadows and use them all the time. I recently upgraded to CS6 and cannot use them. BOO! Any updates in your future?

  4. Jenn says:

    I would love to purchase just the month-at-a-glance & week-at-a-glance pages and is there a way to make it for a smaller sized planner? And are they available for download in iMac’s Pages?

  5. Brynne says:

    This is a long shot but did you used to have an Etsy shop where you sold family trees? I bought one from a Gennifer Bursett and now the shop is gone!!

  6. Kimberly says:

    I’m a little confused, are the editable chore charts still available for purchase? I know they are no longer of DHD but if I click through the BUY NOW link it leads me to a PayPal donate option. Thanks!

  7. Morgan Dunbar says:

    Hello! This is a strange question… in 2011 I ordered a family tree print made by you for my in-laws. This order was processed through Etsy, and I see your shop is no longer up and running on there.
    We are in need of an update to the print and I am hoping you can oblige. Please contact me to discuss the best way to proceed. Thank you so much!

  8. Charity Butler says:

    I purchased your EDITABLE chore charts. They are SUPER CUTE, but uneditable. 😦 Requested a refund but have got no feedback. 😦

  9. Pat says:

    I placed an order back on September 13 but have not received it yet. Order # is 112398. Have tried contacting you several times but have not received a response. I have to say that I am very disappointed with my first experience with your company and your slow customer service.

  10. Ellie says:

    Hi! it looks like this blog may be inactive… I am trying to track down a way to get your retro chore chart. Please let me know if it’s still available.
    Thank you,

  11. Carol says:

    Are your pocket pages available in any store. I have noticed a lot of people use them.

  12. Bella O'Hara says:


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