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Design House Digital – No longer home to me

I know, probably the last thing anyone ever expected to hear, and the last thing I ever expected to write, but it is true. Today is the last day you can buy my products at Design House Digital, and the last day I’ll be hanging out there. It’s been over three years from conception until now, and I’ve been involved almost every step of the way. I’ve uploaded 113 layouts (that’s a bit sad, honestly!), written 266 blog posts, posted in the forums over 3700 times, answered hundreds of emails, and made countless new friends. Thanks to everyone for letting me be a part of your lives! As a special thank you to my blog readers, in addition to the 50% discount on my products, score an additional 15% off using this coupon code: freakycool.

Not to worry, though… I’ve got some great things on the horizon that I’m crazy excited about. I’m a firm believer in this: For something to be truly wonderful, it has to be hard… That’s part of what gives it value. And, as I “sign off” on my last day at DHD, here’s a fun peek at how my style has changed: I present you with the first layout I created for DHD:

And, my last:


August Dollar Days at Design House Digital

I know, it’s seriously been a while. My computer crashed, so between trying to fix it (including wiping the laptop completely back to factory settings) and then having to send it it, things have been crazy the last month or so. And, sadly, it was damaged slightly during the shipping process, so although it’s functional now, it will be heading out again shortly to (hopefully!) come back in pristine condition! Plus, I just returned from a trip to beautiful Durango, Colorado… My sister, my aunt, and I went for a quick trip to visit another sister, and I just got home late last night.

So, a quick post today to mention August Dollar Days at Design House Digital: Every day, we will release brand new kits for only $1, and they will stay at that [killer] price for all of August. We’ve got over 30 already, and even more to come as the month progresses!

The two I’ve released so far are…

California Girls Papers: (I will be releasing coordinating elements soon!)

California Girls Paper preview

and Fifty Nifty US Map Template:

Fifty Nifty US Map Template preview

It’s a layered template (psd and tif) that I think has loads of possibilities… I can’t wait to really play around even more with it!

There are so many great kits that you really should check them all out, but some of my favorites are:

I also have four other kits I’ve released since I last updated my blog… and, to make up for not posting them, you can grab any (or all!) for 25% off through Saturday, using coupon code slackerGEN.

Fifty Nifty Letterpress Cards:

Fifty Nifty Letterpress Cards

Elemental Snippy Quotes V1:

Elemental Snippy Quotes V1 preview

Quotable Journal Cards:

Quotable Journal Cards preview

Veneer Journalers:

Veneer Journalers preview

Now, I’m off to unpack! 🙂

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Winners Announced + Freebie!

Thanks so much to all who commented on my blog giveaways last week. I’ve selected two winners, using random.org.

Congrats, ladies! Please check your emails for a message from me!

Also, I’m hosting the Blueprint Challenge at Design House Digital this month, and I’ve designed a free template for you based on this layout:

Click on image for credits.

The layered template (psd files) includes the mist, stitching, and shadows, and you can grab it for free this month only: Blueprint #12. If you create a layout with it, be sure to upload it to the Blueprint Challenge Gallery for your chance to win a $5 gift certificate to DHD!

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[inter] National Scrapbook Day – Blog Hop Freebie!

You know, I’ve decided something. Any hobby that celebrates its own craftiness is freakin’ awesome.

This weekend is [inter] National Scrapbook Day, and as part of the hoopla at Design House Digital, we’ve got an awesome collaboration kit from the Design House Digital designers, called Retrospect:

Did you know that you can grab it for free? FREE! And, to make it even easier, you don’t have to download eleventy billion little pieces, or mess with any of the file-sharing websites and their ridiculously slow timers. It’s right in the shop at DHD, and all you have to do is follow along on the blog hop to grab the coupon code, and then download at your convenience. Pretty darn awesome, huh? So, if you wandered in to my blog first, you need to stop (collaborate and listen!) right now and head back to the beginning.

I’d like to share a little bit today about layouts, and what to do AFTER they are finished. Just like with so many other aspects of digital scrapbooking, the possibilities are many, so we’ll touch on a few, and discuss the pros and cons of each.

Don’t print it. No one says you HAVE to print your layouts. (I have a friend who has never printed a single one, because she likes the way they look in her monitor!) Display them in a digital frame, post them to your blog, or carry them around on your iPad or cell phone. What a great way to show off some pictures of your loved ones, right? Cons: You definitely want to back them up, because if you lose your device (or it crashes) you are out of luck, since most of these will be displaying low-res versions.

Print it yourself. This one is pretty obvious, I know, but there is a benefit to printing at home, namely instant gratification. Unless you have a wide-format printer, though, your sizes are limited, and if you do have a wide-format printer, ink cartridges and paper aren’t super easy to find. (At least not for me!) There’s also probably a bit of waste involved, because usually your layouts need to be trimmed.

Have it printed, by page. Obviously, a nice feature of our digital age, and the fact that our layouts are already on the computer. You can upload, have it printed, and shipped right to your door – perfect for those hectic times when we get a bit behind. Or those lazy times, when you’re vegging in your pajamas all day. You do need to allow time for shipping, and not all companies do common scrapbook sizes like 8×8 and 12×12.

Have it printed, by the book. You can upload all of your pages and have them printed in a single, bound book. How cool is that? Again, delivery to home is a nice benefit. There are a few cons, though: Formatting them can be a beast, since you really do need to allow extra room along the spine. Also, you can’t have your books too full, or the stitching doesn’t hold. (Don’t ask me how I know.)

So, out of all these options, I’ve got to throw the one I like the most at you. Are you ready?

Have it developed. The one biggest con to the above three printing options is that they are printed, and not developed. That means fading, scratching, and water damage are all real possibilities. Plus, the visual difference between a layout where the ink is sitting on top and one where the image is actually developed into the paper are astoundingly different. Don’t believe me? Take a look.

The one on the left was done using a photographic print process (aka developed) by Persnickety Prints, and the one on the right was printed by me. (Excuse the winter layout… I’m out of ink and have to buy it online. A serious con.)

It’s hard to really demonstrate it on screen, but the difference is crazy. Here’s a closer look:

Don’t tell my husband, but it looks like the super-expensive wide-format photo printer I [used to] use just isn’t cutting it. The detail of the background paper is lost in the home print, but shows up nicely in the developed version. The whole thing is just richer and more vibrant, and my shadows look amazingly realistic!

I’m going to do a more extensive blog post soon showing you the differences (and discussing the speed, because HOLY COW! they were fast!), but trust me, the appearance alone was enough to change my mind… the rest of it is just icing on the persnickety cake!

Bottom line, though? We work so hard at preserving our photos, so let’s make sure we’ve preserved them all the way. Computers fail, external hard drives fail, our favorite sites (and their online galleries) have bugs or even go offline. Don’t take a chance with your memories.

And now, on to some fun stuff! I’m having a little contest here, and the winner will get a $50 gift certificate to my Design House Digital shop!

Comment here, and link a product from my shop that you like.

That’s it! Want more chances? Post a link to that same product on your own blog, Facebook, or Twitter, let me know once you’ve done it (one comment for each), and you will be entered into a drawing.  You can enter daily, and every comment posted between now and 11:59 PM (MST) on Tuesday, May 8 will be eligible.

Don’t forget to grab your letter, because you’ll need that to get the amazing Retrospect kit free! Your letter is:

If you’re doing our Layout Challenge, my challenge is to rotate your title sideways.

Now, head over to Tiffany Bodily’s blog, where you can see what she’s thinking today: Tiffany’s Thoughts.

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New Release: Office Space (a collaboration) + A FREEBIE

One of my favorite things about Design House Digital are the designer collaborations. I enjoy getting the chance to brainstorm with another designer, and I love to see two kits that work together seamlessly, while still managing to stay true to each designer’s aesthetic.

This collab was no exception. I got to work with the amazing Erica Coombs, and she is truly fantastic! My portion, Office Space – Part 2 is pictured here:

It’s got a bit of a vintage feel to it, plus a few references to one of my all-time favorite movies Office Space. (If you haven’t seen it, you really should! It’s available for instant streaming at both Netflix and Amazon.) In the meantime, here are some lovely layouts by my creative team (and guest creative team!) showing off their mad skillz.

By Kym Tsukamoto (2):

By Gwen Lefleur:

By Sarah Sullivan:

By Jennifer Barksdale:

By Michelle Huegel:

All of these layouts are using just my portion, and they are killer, aren’t they? Here are some using both parts of the collab:

By Anna Drozd:

By Celeste Smith:

By Shannon Dombkowski:

Be sure to check out the 1 Kit, 4 Ways feature at Design House Digital to see even more layouts using the entire collab, and don’t forget to comment on the post for your chance to snag the whole thing free!

I’ve also got a coordinating set of journaling cards (Office Space Journalers), so be sure to check them out. There’s pdf files included, so you can print them out and use them on your traditional layouts, too!

Do stop by DHD this weekend, because my entire shop will be on sale. I will have a free kit and a few dollar kits, so it’s your chance to score some great deals… don’t delay, because they’ll go back to regular price on Monday.

So, what do I have here for you? Comment here for your chance to win BOTH of my Office Space products (contest closes Sunday, 4/22 at 11:59 PM MST). Also, just for you, I’ve got a little freebie. Two bonus journaling cards (png and pdf) that coordinate with Office Space, and you can grab them here. Have fun!

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