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[inter]National Scrapbook Day Freebie

Aww. I’m so happy you’re here! If you’ve wandered this way from Dana Zarling’s blog, welcome. If you’re a rule-breaker, and you got here from Jen Allyson’s blog, well, we should definitely be friends!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me get you up to speed. You’ve found your way into the Design House Digital [inter]National Scrapbook Day blog hop. 13 Designers + 13 monochromatic kits = 1 super fabulous mega kit:

I worked with the color Salmon, and I’m happy to present to you my portion:

To get it, simply click here (or on the image above): Gen’s Salmon Kit
(Thanks to Gulf for pointing out that there were a couple of files missing from the folder. If you downloaded it before 7:45 MST on Wed, please download again.)

Then, continue on to Jen Allyson’s blog (or to Dana’s, you rebels!) for the rest of the kit.

Lost? You can find all of the links right here: Designer Blog Hop

And be sure to check back, because we have another fabulous blog hop (with the Design House LinkDecorators) happening on Saturday!

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